Our Background

The Inter-City Arts Collaboratory was established in Miami, Florida during the spring of 2014 after many months of informal brainstorming sessions and formal planning meetings amongst an eclectic network of amazingly motivated and talented Miami-based visual and performing artists, architects, designers, film makers, university professors, K-12 teachers/administrators, healthcare practitioners, and community leaders – all of whom had  this in common:

  • an enormous interest in working with others to  positively contribute to the collective physical health and emotional well-being of residents in Miami-Dade County

  • a genuine desire to discover new ways to share their professional expertise in order to support the growth of meaningful and lasting social change within their communities.

  • a strong belief that we are all stronger when we unite and work together.

Currently, the Inter-City Arts Collaboratory functions as a somewhat unconventional public service-learning initiative.

That is to say we are structured to provide a service to existing educational, arts, and community based non-profit service organizations.

We work with these groups to help them increase their audience, their impact, and their overall effectiveness by inspiring them to incorporate innovative service learning/community cultural outreach projects into their programming AND also providing them with hands-on, step-by-step guidance in how develop these projects.

At this point in time, the Inter-City Arts Collaboratory is neither a “for profit” nor a “non-profit” incorporated entity.

The easiest way to define us is this:  we are an unincorporated association of professionals providing both paid and pro-bono capacity building services to a variety of arts, educational, cultural, and social service organizations.

Each member of our Inter-City Arts Collaboratory operational team and advisory board has years of professional experience in different artistic, administrative, or academic fields.

Because of our team members' diverse backgrounds, the Inter-City Arts Collaboratory has the ability to serve as an incredible resource for our community partners by providing them with access to a wealth of expertise in cutting-edge social, cultural, and academic research, as well as access to an exciting array of artistic talent and business acumen.

Something we are particularly proud of is that our Inter-City Arts Collaboratory team puts a great emphasis on collaborating directly with the actual residents of the neighborhoods where we work and we very much understand & appreciate the importance of encouraging community members to become active participants in the growth of their community.