Our Goals

We have 6 STRATEGIC GOALS to achieve over the next 6 years:

  1. The 1st GOAL of the Inter-City Arts Collaboratory is to facilitate powerful and sustainable partnerships BETWEEN highly acclaimed international artists and designers, urban community leaders AND the residents of under-served urban communities.

  2. The 2nd GOAL of the Inter-City Arts Collaboratory is to generate innovative inter-generational community outreach projects that encourage meaningful public dialogue and civic engagement and also generate more understanding and trust between disconnected community members.

  3. The 3rd GOAL of the Inter-City Arts Collaboratory is to use our community outreach projects to demonstrate how urban neighborhoods can become more connected, more socially conscious, and even more livable through the implementation of critical thinking, collaboration, and cultural awareness.

  4. The 4th GOAL of our Inter-City Arts Collaboratory is to discover new ways to ensure residents  of under-served communities are exposed to high quality inter-generational cultural arts programming.

  5. The 5th GOAL of the Inter-City Arts Collaboratory is to use film, photography, and social media outlets to digitally document and share our journey with a global audience - thereby enabling a wide variety of people to experience all the stages of our complex and fascinating story.

  6. The 6th GOAL of the Inter-City Arts Collaboratory is to structure our community outreach programming to function as action research studies which can provide invaluable cultural & sociological research data to civic and academic leaders here in Miami.