Our Vision & Mission

The VISION of the Inter-City Arts Collaboratory is to:

  • design a selection of  “community-based mobile test kitchens for creative thinking” which will help us research, develop, and test out new and exciting "recipes" for cultivating healthier, more engaged, and more socially conscious neighborhoods by combining ingredients like cultural arts, urban design, and unconventional community partnerships.

The MISSION of the Inter-City Arts Collaboratory is:

  • To DESIGN & IMPLEMENT INNOVATIVE OUTREACH  PROJECTS which are structured to foster civic engagement in urban neighborhoods while simultaneously cultivating  greater cultural awareness and community pride, & promoting  habits for healthier living.

  • To FACILITATE COMMUNITY COLLABORATIONS between various educational, cultural, and community service organizations in order to develop effective interactive, inter-generational outreach programming that aims to increase the livability index of urban communities and foster a greater sense of collective health and well-being in these communities.

  • To DIGITALLY DOCUMENT THE PROGRESS & OUTCOMES OF OUR COLLABORATIVE PROJECTS so we can not only creatively share our stories with the public BUT also so we can more accurately analyze and assess if the implementation of interactive, inter-disciplinary, inter-generational outreach programming does, indeed, have the ability to inspire civic engagement and encourage sustainable social and economic growth.